At Ace28 we make every effort to ensure that your transaction processing is fast and efficient. We recommend that you keep your bank receipt or transaction search code and we may ask you to provide it as a transaction voucher.

Trading Option Transfer Limit (MYR) Transaction Duration
Minimum Amount Maximum Amount
ATM/CDM Automatic Teller Machine / Automatic Deposit Machine 10 Unlimited 5 Minute
Online Transfer
Local Bank Transfer
Quick Withdrawal 50 10,000 15 Minute
Local Bank Transfer 100 300,000 1 Day


  • All maximum amounts are based on each transaction per day.
  • Please contact our online customer service for local bank information.
  • All deposits must be bet all to be withdrawn
  • Please save the bank receipt or transaction number in case we may ask you to provide it as a transaction voucher
  • Please attach the deposit voucher and contact our online customer service to avoid any delay in deposits.
  • We may ask to verify your identity before processing any dividends, and large withdrawals may take longer to process.
  • Withdrawals are only accepted if the name of the payee matches the name of the registered account.
  • The guest deposits into the company, does not make any bets and does not receive any offers, we will deduct 5% bank charges when withdrawing money.
  • The guest deposits for more than 30 days without any bet and any concessions, and we will automatically deduct 5% of the personal handling fee.
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